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The measure of true conservative grit in Wyoming

Bill Descriptions


  1. HB 152 – Life as a Human Right – the most broad sweeping protections of human life and unborn babies in the history of Wyoming.
  2.   HB 65 – Suicide Crisis Hotline – Republicans value human life from conception to natural death. Crisis hotline has received over 10,000 calls in the first two months it was available. Did not cost the state of Wyoming any money to save human lives.
  3.   HB 4  –  Helps save lives of new babies by providing life-saving care for postpartum mothers in need.


  1. SF 133 – Protects women’s sports and defines that boys compete against boys and girls compete against girls.
  2.   SF 174 – Allows for school choice in Wyoming by creating a path for charter schools to be approved.
  3.   HB 33  – Supports career and technical education in Wyoming to help insure that Wyoming students are prepared for Wyoming jobs.

Election Integrity

  1. HB 103 – Prevents crossover voting – make sure Republicans vote in Republican primaries and Democrats in Democratic primaries

Second Amendment

  1. SF 120 – The right of an individual to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right


  1. HB 7 – Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. We must protect the union of marriage from other cultures and beliefs that practice child marriages and selling or forcing young girls into marriage.


  1. HB 1 – For every dollar spent, over $3.50 went to long term savings accounts. This is an example of fiscal responsibility and should be rewarded.